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Mission Statement

We are looking for three more candidates to run for the PMC Board under the Cooperative Platform.

We are looking for 2 more Candidates to run under the Cooperative Platform! Are you interested? E-mail us:info@pinemountaintruthcooperative.com


The Pine Mountain Cooperative

Mission Statement & Who We Are

“Speak truth to power.”

We are a committed cooperative of concerned property owners who believe in fiscal responsibility, transparency, and positive change for the benefit of the PMC/POA community. We welcome all members of the PMC community who believe in our goals, public presence, and ongoing positive actions to make the PMC/POA a more vital, inclusive, forward-thinking community.

Our main goal is to inspire member empowerment whether through maintaining voting rights or through direct and transparent dialogue with the Board of Directors.

We believe an engaged and involved membership is the best way to build a thriving community. 

Our hope is to have a majority of the membership considered on all Board decisions and to have a fair and equable Association that seeks to serve the many versus the few.

Thanks for helping us create a better, more open community.

       Ross Canton, moderator

Protect our natural environment!

Are you interested in helping the Cooperative beautify and map our hiking trails?

Women's Empowerment Group

Would you like to join a women's group that supports health, aging, sexual harassment and assault issues, and other prominent concerns in a safe and non-threatening environment?

What Do You Want?

Cooperative Platform

  1. Lower assessments by lowering subsidies (losses) through efficiency and better business models.
  2.  Serve the mutual interests of the many versus the few by by allocating more resources toward amenities that serve all.
  3. Empower members through open forums, workshops, town-hall meetings, and active participation in all budgetary or policy issues of the Association                                                             (copyright 2018)

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